Handling the ‘pariah’ policy of climate change

Many agencies integrate disaster and climate “resilience” into their policies, programs and asset management. But that doesn’t mean Australia is any closer to deciding on let alone committing to a long-term policy for handling climate change, says Verona Burgess. Read More

Flooded with criticism, MDBA finds a small island of common ground

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority says the recent South Australian royal commission produced some “useful analysis and insights” and notes a few “areas of agreement” in its formal response, but argues it would be too risky for governments to follow the inquiry’s main recommendations. Read More

Data61’s partnership model: riding a wave of R&D disruption

A year since the former NICTA lost its funding base and became Data61, part of the CSIRO, it continues to develop valuable intellectual property while acting as an R&D ecosystem architect, bringing together universities, government and the private sector for mutual benefit. CEO Adrian Turner is riding a wave of global disruption. Read More