Department of Health

Webinar: lessons from My Aged Care pilot

The federal Department of Health is hosting a panel discussion next week with aged care assessment teams from the early implementation and pilot sites of the My Aged Care program. ACATs are the frontline professionals, usually a nurse, social worker or other health care professional, who come to the homes of candidates for government-supported aged care services to determine their needs. They will be sharing their experiences of the pilot, ahead of full implementation later this year. Read More

Martin Bowles: understanding health as a system

SECRETARY'S MESSAGE: When Martin Bowles came to the federal Health Department he found fragmentation and disconnect across the healthcare system. Here he discusses the reform agenda and leveraging goodwill and courage. Read More

Martin Bowles: we’re changing the culture at Health

The public service needs open-minded leaders, ready to listen and brave enough to try new things, Health mandarin Martin Bowles told the 2015 Innovation Month Summit in Canberra. That means making time for blue-sky thinking — not excuses. Read More

John Menadue: making health reform possible

Health ministers may be in office but they are seldom in power, says John Menadue. The former head of the Australian Public Service, who also chaired the NSW Health Council and SA Generational Health Review says a Health Reform Commission could outflank the vested interests and stagnant imagination. Read More