Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Border everywhere: ABF’s overreach

The cancellation of Operation Fortitude, slated to be held in Melbourne over the weekend, was put down to a “clumsily worded” press release. But was it an inevitable outcome of the decision to fold immigration and customs into the ABF? Read More

Tony Kevin: a new look at the boat people policy challenge

Michael Pezzullo, then Customs boss, and former diplomat turned commentator Tony Kevin were harsh critics of each other over SIEV tragedies and the Operation Sovereign Borders alternative. Then Tony Kevin saw deaths at sea had stopped. He argues turn-back was successful and the camps must go. Read More

Cognitive computing comes to Canberra

2015 will be remembered as the year cognitive computing came to the Australian Public Service. Its potential for government agencies is huge and growing, according to the Asia-Pacific head of IBM's Watson project. Read More

More pressure on Comcare, DIBP over detention centre safety

Questions continue to be raised by lawyers over Comcare's limited role in preventing abuse at offshore immigration detention centres. Psychiatrists and social workers have alleged that reports of child sexual abuse were ignored by Australian officials, and that secrecy only adds to the health and safety risk. Read More