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Tom Burton: tech titans v. media moguls

The ACCC inquiry into the impact of big tech platforms like Google and Facebook on the media will be an opportunity to frame a new competitive framework for the digital economy. It also promises to be a major battle between the media and tech sectors. Read More

Rethinking digital identity

Digital identity is a critical issue for all governments as they look to join up services and match data to enable smarter and better applications. There are a few different options as to how they approach the issue, writes Nic Nuske. Read More

Why startups don’t bid on government contracts

As the Australian Government moves to increase SME involvement in its annual $6.5 billion ICT contracts by 10%, new research by Boston Consulting Group identifies the barriers for start-ups looking to work with the US Government. Read More

Tom Burton: Taylor’s tech changes analysed

The big tech review is a useful clean up of the notoriously clunky procurement system and a good start to getting more value for the Commonwealth's $6.5 billion annual spend. But to really succeed we need deep leadership commitment to remake government for the 21st century. Read More