NSW Police

How do women in leadership shape the big picture?

Australia's sixth Women in Leadership conference will focus on developing leadership skills and driving the advancement of women. Hear from female leaders across federal, state and local agencies as well as key elected representatives striving for gender equality in public life. Read More

Organisational culture lessons from the Lindt Cafe siege inquest

'Hindsight will benefit us all' the New South Wales Police acknowledged this week, bruised as it was from what it called 'unfair' criticism resulting from the Lindt Cafe siege inquest. The lesson it should take is a culture of transparency — not risk aversion — improves an organisation's responses. Read More

Policing schools for violent extremism

A NSW audit of prayer groups in public schools has put the education space at the centre of government efforts to counter violent extremism. Perhaps there is a way for Australian officials and teachers to work together, writes ASPI's Anthony Bergin. Read More