Productivity Commission

Valuing the Australian Census

Statistical agencies worldwide have come under pressure from ministers to provide greater justification for the hundreds of millions of dollars of costs of a national census. Read More

Social enterprise – a missing piece in the NDIS?

One would think that quasi-markets and social enterprise are a match made in heaven, and the growth of social enterprise into quasi-market spaces is something that should be encouraged. However, they have been curiously absent from some key policy discussions. When it comes to the NDIS, the scheme represents the most significant opportunity for social enterprise development we have seen in Australia. Read More

The government’s biggest challenge? Avoiding a recession

For six months, the Australian economy has been growing at an annualised pace of just 1% – way, way short of its potential. Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg were elected to manage the economy, and that means doing whatever is needed to avoid a recession and the long-term damage to lives and living standards it would deliver. Read More

Flooded with criticism, MDBA finds a small island of common ground

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority says the recent South Australian royal commission produced some “useful analysis and insights” and notes a few “areas of agreement” in its formal response, but argues it would be too risky for governments to follow the inquiry’s main recommendations. Read More

If data is for good, then trust is king

The volume of data globally has created widespread opportunities to harness its economic and social value raising policy issues such as privacy protection, innovation and consumer policy. Read More