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Editors’ Picks

Rethinking a contemporary social justice in government

If the public sector is to achieve the task of innovation, integration and improvement in social services, we must learn from our social policy experience, writes Dr Pradeep Philip, secretary of the new Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, and his chief of staff, Dr Vishaal Kishore. Read More

Chris Eccles: leadership from the centre

Let's do away with the term "central agency" argues the head of the Victorian Public Service during the state's first Public Sector Week. Chris Eccles reimagines the centre as a unifier of intelligence, rather than an autocratic overlord. Read More

Tom Burton: Why Dr Karl did Treasury a big favour

Dr Karl went rogue this week, upsetting Treasury's first big foray into digital engagement, but injecting some much needed real opinion into the Challenge of Change campaign. Is this an engagement lesson that departments can learn from? Read More