2020 Wilson Dialogue

Join the Honourable Kevin Rudd AC, Professor Bruce Pascoe and Anna Skarbek in discussion on opportunities for strong action on climate change.

Climate change is the defining issue of our time. From shifting weather patterns to rising sea levels, the impacts of climate change are global and unprecedented. In Australia, climate change has been politicised and action stagnant.

 Meanwhile coronavirus has seen action mobilise across governments nationally and internationally to curtail its impacts and keep populations safe. Are there lessons from coronavirus that can lead to stronger action on climate change? Could investment in renewable energy be a pathway through our current recession?

Hear from former Prime Minister, the Honourable Kevin Rudd, in discussion on the opportunities for Australia to take stronger action on climate change both during and beyond the coronavirus.

Joining Kevin Rudd is Dark Emu author and academic Professor Bruce Pascoe, and CEO of ClimateWorks Australia, Anna Skarbek.

The Wilson Dialogue, hosted by the Sir Roland Wilson Foundation, is one of Australia’s premier forums for discussing policy issues of national and global significance.

The Sir Roland Wilson Foundation builds leadership and research capability in the Australian Public Service through postgraduate scholarships.

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