The 2nd APS 5-6 High Performance & Leadership Conference 2017

The Public Sector is known for developing and promoting strong, intuitive and resilient leaders. These leaders come in many forms and have diverse backgrounds built on skills, learning and experience. Built off the success of our first event, Liquid Learning is delighted to present the 2nd APS 5-6 High Performance & Leadership Conference 2017.

Throughout this event, emerging leaders in the APS 5-6 roles from across the Public Sector will gain the insight and knowledge required to progress into a leadership role. This conference will bring together existing leaders who have successfully traversed their way through the Public Sector. Throughout the two days, attendees will see what it takes to thrive in a leadership role and how to position themselves for promotion.


  • Uncover and develop your unique leadership style

  • Explore the core competencies of a successful leader

  • Advance your communication and influence skills

  • Expand your network and relationships across the APS

Key featured speakers

  • Anne Sheehan Assistant Secretary, Communications Security and Intelligence Branch Attorney-General’s Department

  • Ben Noyen Assistant Secretary, Portfolio Strategies, Engagement & Coordination Department of Health

  • Valerie Griswold Assistant Commissioner, Compliance and Enforcement Fair Trading NSW

  • Craig Ritchie Chief Executive Officer Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

  • Squadron Leader Kim Whitney Chief Air Force Fellowship Royal Australian Air Force

  • Anne Allen Acting Director Exports Section Applications Branch Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

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