Evidence Based Policy Summit

Many government departments lack the baseline evidence essential for evaluating their programs and policies before and after implementation. By promoting data collection and objective policy analysis at all stages of the policy cycle, evidence based-policy can play a vital role in developing more successful policies.

The Evidence Based Policy Summit will bring together federal and state government departments to discuss how evidence collection and objective analysis creates stronger policy, programs and practice. Learn how to strategically select evidence, overcome inconsistencies in data, and navigate the political interests that affect policy-making.

By attending, you will learn how to:

  • Define evidence within the context of your department
  • Create strong policies even when facing inconsistent or incomplete evidence
  • Define organisation-wide measures of success to evaluate all stages of the policy cycle
  • Gain decision maker buy-in for your policies
  • Navigate conflicting interests from the political environment
  • Work with other departments to improve policy outcomes

We’ve brought together leading speakers from across a multitude of departments, including:

  • Paul McCullough, First Assistant Secretary, Department of Treasury
  • Kim Wood, Principal Commissioner, Queensland Productivity Commission
  • Ben Gales, Executive Director Economic Policy, NSW Treasury
  • Meena Naidu, Director Health and Human Services Regulation and Reform, Department of Health and Human Services Victoria
  • Vince Duffy, Executive Director Energy and Technical Regulation, Department for Energy and Mining
  • Scott Small, Director Child Care Legislation Reform, Commonwealth Department of Education and Training

Is this conference right for you? We’ve designed the Evidence Based Policy so that all levels of public sector employees will benefit from attending, but these are the majority of the attendees you’ll meet on the day:

  • Directors of Policy
  • Directors of Policy Evaluation
  • Director of Regulation and Reform
  • Directors of Research and Data
  • Principal Policy Officers and Policy Advisors

We hope you can join us at the Evidence Based Policy Summit 2018 – Building stronger communities through evidence backed policies.