AHRI SHIFT20 Virtual Conference

What skills will HR need to get to the ‘next normal’? Explore the themes of post-pandemic workplaces at the first-ever AHRI Virtual Conference, SHIFT20, in October. Join hundreds of other public and private sector HR professionals in this one-day event designed to explore the critical new themes of tomorrow: Building resilient teams, driving digitisation and creating agile organisational cultures – all through the lens of what has worked during the pandemic, what hasn’t, and what we’ve learned so far. Learn more: www.ahri.com.au/shift20


Wayne Cascio from the University of Colorado will guide a discussion on what the new workplaces of tomorrow will look like: The new employee-led organisation, the rise of a contact-free culture, new boundaries in the workplace, the opening up of international talent pools and more.


Michelle McQuaid from The Wellbeing Lab explores the difference between teams that struggled during the pandemic, and those that thrived: Resilience. Building and maintaining resilient teams will empower them to reduce stress, be more productive and, importantly, help each other during times of crisis. Learn more: www.ahri.com.au/shift20


Rob Scott from Deloitte will lead the exploration of digitisation – now a critical business objective thanks to the pandemic – and how AI, more than ever, can help organisations meet strategic goals and open up new avenues for addressing performance.


Aaron McEwan from Gartner will share practical tools to help HR practitioners work with leadership teams to drive organisational change and create agile, responsive culture that can not just survive through crisis, but thrive.


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