An insight into getting best value from consultants

Need more value from your consultants? Join our Insight session for immediately actionable tips.

This is a re-run of the over-subscribed event held earlier this month.

Late in January our MD, John Glenn, responded to an article on the Mandarin that proposed a public sector reserve. The basis of the article was that a reserve would be cheaper than consultants. John’s opinion was that the article was addressing the wrong problem. Consultants are here to stay. It’s not their cost that’s at issue, it’s their value. Many don’t offer it, and the public sector doesn’t know how to get it.

John isn’t going to argue his case, but he is going to offer 30 minutes of insight into how to better engage, what value you should be expecting, and how to get it. If you want a better answer – ask a better question.

John has given a guarantee that in 30 minutes:

• He will reshape your perspective on how to engage consultants

• You will have tools to achieve more valuable outcomes

• He will leave you with immediately actionable tips


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