ANZSOG public sector problem solving

The problems that the public sector is asked to solve are becoming more complex, often involving multiple actors and stakeholders, and without clear ‘right or wrong’ answers.

We in the public sector may find ourselves longing for earlier times when the issues were ‘just’ fiendishly complicated, and we could command and control the solutions. But contemporary government at national and local level frequently involves new kinds of issues for which an entirely new range of approaches and frameworks are required.

We need to do things differently, not just better.

Fortunately, systems thinking and behavioural sciences offer us a range of practical and useful tools and techniques with a public value focused mind set which can help us define, analyse and collaboratively solve today’s and tomorrow’s wicked problems.

“Designing and delivering a government policy or project is typically a complex problem,” Dr Fleming says. “I want to share what I know about complementary techniques that help to better conceive and implement realistic, lasting solutions.”

What will you learn?

  • Tools and techniques that draw on established theories and evidence from world experts
  • Problem solving skills which are transferable, portfolio-independent and valuable in the public sector
  • How to define and diagnose a complex problem
  • Creating public value from complexity
  • Practical systems thinking
  • Designing realistic solutions
  • Enabling effective implementation.

Who should register?

  • Executives, managers and officers – this workshop is aimed at public sector, local government and not-for-profit executives, managers and officers seeking to enhance their understanding and to learn new approaches to tackle complex problems to create lasting change.

Who will lead the course?

Dr Nick Fleming, Founding Director of Innergise

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