Towards Strategic Leadership

ANZSOG’s Towards Strategic Leadership is a unique program tailored to prepare leaders for the exceptional challenges facing the public sector today. Public sector leaders will develop the qualities needed to thrive in volatile and uncertain times across eight weeks. Participants walk away with a renewed strategic outlook, political astuteness, personal resilience and the capacity to reflect, collaborate, lead and learn continuously.


TSL is specifically designed to meet the needs of senior public servants and to provide participants with the opportunity to reflect, learn and grow to be able to carry out their roles with clarity, wisdom and energy.

TSL encourages participants to identify personal and institutional strengths and weaknesses, helping them understand their personal leadership styles, and how their roles fit within their organisation, the broader public sector and the community.

Participants will develop reflective and strategic thinking and discover tools to discern and address the urgent and strategically important tasks, with an emphasis on integrating them into their everyday practices.

Across eight modules, participants explore:

  • the triangle of self, role and system within which strategic leadership takes place
  • assumptions about themselves, their organisation and the wider public sector
  • the distinctive governance challenges associated with different types of crises
  • the factors driving the adaptive capacity of public institutions
  • the opportunities for driving change, fostering learning and accelerating innovation that open up during critical junctures.

Participants will leave the program with a defined sense of purpose, a stronger sense of self and the ability to recognise and manage urgent and important tasks within their organisation and the public sector more broadly.


TSL is the ideal program for senior public sector professionals, such as Directors and Branch Managers, and more generally those who are in the process of moving from tactical to strategic leadership roles. The program is designed to help them perform their roles with purpose, good judgment, and strategic nous. TSL will provide a tangible boost in confidence and capabilities and prepare leaders to face senior executive responsibilities.


Paul ‘t Hart brings 35 years of research, consulting and training on crisis leadership throughout the world to the program. Robbie Macpherson has been training and coaching corporate, community sector and public sector executives in Australia and New Zealand for over two decades.

They have co-facilitated TSL for over 10 years.

When  27th April – 22nd June, 2021 
Time  2 x full day sessions, 6 x 3 hours sessions over 8 weeks
Where  Online AEST
Contact  ANZSOG Programs Team,
Applications Close 12th April, 2021

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