ANZSOG’s Executive Fellows Program

Senior executives face constantly shifting priorities and must adapt to continually deliver value to the citizens they serve. The Executive Fellows Program (EFP) challenges senior public service executives working in the public domain to develop new leadership perspectives in a contemporary and highly interactive setting.

The EFP is an intensive and lively three-week residential program for senior executives to develop their capacity to lead public sector organisations, providing a rare opportunity for focused learning and reflection.

Participants will further develop their leadership, management and strategic skills while exploring the latest thinking on leadership in the public domain.

The program emphasises immersive and experiential learning and is delivered in three cities across three countries by world-recognised academics and high-calibre practitioners.

In 2019, participants will visit Wellington, Canberra and Singapore.

Learn how to better communicate in your relationships with ministers, staff and stakeholders, to create and deliver public value.

The EFP is designed for high performing senior public sector executives such as Deputy Chief Executive Officers (CEO), Deputy Director-Generals and Deputy Secretaries, and executives two-levels below CEO, Director-General or Secretary. The program is also suitable for senior executives in the not-for-profit sector, international equivalent levels and other experienced, high-performing senior leaders.

The program is modelled on leading global executive programs with a tailored focus on the needs of Australia and New Zealand. Participants will benefit from strategies, frameworks, and a global perspective, which are required to effectively lead across cultural boundaries and in an increasingly complex operating environment.

The program’s leadership framework highlights the capabilities required of successful public sector leaders, exploring:

  • the interactive dynamics they face
  • how to better respond to competing requirements
  • how to frame discussion, planning and strategic actions (including concepts, frameworks and techniques)
  • how Singapore approaches capacity and capability building, future planning, and the promotion of quality public services.


Wellington, Canberra and Singapore