Approaches to Wicked Problems

Why do so many change initiatives fail?
Might it be the way that we initially frame the issue?

What if we differentiate our problems as being either Tame (resolvable, via a single path of actions and likely to have occurred before), Wicked (complex, with no clear connection between its cause and effect and often can’t be dealt with without affecting its environment) or Critical (a crisis: with little time for decision-making and no uncertainty over what needs to be done)?

Categorising change management in this way allows us to consider how different leadership, approaches, command styles and culture play a key role in crafting successful responses.

As Wicked Problems are context and environment specific, the actions we take require a different approach. Professor Keith Grint (Warwick University, UK) proposes that, when tackling Wicked Problems, public sector leaders are best advised to acknowledge that they do not hold the answers and to instead engage both their agency and stakeholders to address the issue together.

This workshop provides a unique opportunity to reconsider your own organisational problems as opportunities for a radically different approach. It will help you to recognise what can and cannot be resolved and to understand the importance of considering leadership as a relationship not as a possession.

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