AWS A/NZ Education Insights Webinar Series

This year, the rapid adoption of remote learning drove educators to rethink how they can better advance education in cloud. Education institutions are using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud to improve access for students, increase data visibility for accurate decision making for administrators, and develop cloud-related learning programs.

Join us in this six-session webinar series to learn how AWS can help you kick-start and accelerate your cloud journey.

Who should attend?

  • Digital, innovation, and technical decision makers
  • Security professionals and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs)
  • IT managers, technical project managers, operations specialists, and cloud architects
  • Faculty leads

Webinar Topics

Topic 1: Journey to the cloud with the University of Newcastle and Deloitte

Topic 2: Building your smart campus

Topic 3: Enabling remote learning with AWS end user computing services

Topic 4: Accelerating student startups with the University of Technology Sydney

Topic 5: Empowering careers in the cloud

Topic 6: Is the cloud secure for my university?

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