The Mandarin presents...The honest bureaucrat: Blockchain as the foundation for modern government

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Join us for a free seminar to discuss why blockchain could be the most profound of the new technologies impacting government.

While cryptocurrencies are grabbing the headlines, it is blockchain’s ability to manage complex multi-party ecosystems, securely and honestly, that makes it potentially a foundation for digital government.

Governments – like banks in the money markets – play a key intermediary role across numerous sections of the community. This is true in all the major areas where governments deliver value, regulation and market design including welfare, tax, health, disability, education, infrastructure, consumer regulation and utilities.

Managing identity could be an early use case for blockchain, but it is the underlying technology of blockchain that could make it truly disruptive. Rather than having the many interactions between government and its ecosystem managed bureaucratically, many of these are capable of being codified into blockchains and managed virtually. Safely.

For example, blockchain can be used to securely and efficiently manage all the complex interactions between a patient and their various health providers, practitioners and insurers.

Similarly, governments are also major procurers and contractors, a typically messy service of contracts, purchase orders and payments that could be easily managed using blockchain. Public agencies manage many registries, all easily managed by blockchain.

When married with artificial intelligence, blockchain offers a powerful virtual industrial platform to manage the millions of transactions modern digital governments will need to support.

Join our panel of international experts as we consider how blockchain could be the foundation of digital government.

Who should attend?

Officials wanting to get beyond the hype and really understand blockchain’s potential impact on government.

This seminar is being supported by IBM.

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