Breakfast: Positive impact through shared value

In recent years collaboration between the public and private sectors has become increasingly important in addressing key socio-economic issues. However, creation of shared value between government, corporations and the community requires a determined shift in thinking for all involved.

“What are the opportunities and challenges for a shared value approach to socio-economic development, including use of supply chain diversity?”

“What conditions can public agencies create to foster sustainable social impact through coalitions between communities and enterprise?”

“How is the private sector approach to corporate philanthropy, CSR and social impact evolving to embrace broader societal needs?”

Palladium is a global organisation dedicated to the design and delivery of solutions that create positive impact for communities with broad socio-economic benefits for the people and businesses involved. Palladium is a lead partner of the Australian government and our work over the past 50 years has increased economic growth, boosted livelihoods, reduced poverty, improved health and education outcomes, and transformed corporate value creation across 120 countries.

Join us with keynote speaker Ann Sherry AO, executive chairman, Carnival Australia, and Tom Burton, publisher of The Mandarin, who will moderate a panel of distinguished speakers bringing global and local perspectives from the public sector, private enterprise, non-government, indigenous community and the environment. Engage in the challenges and opportunities that shared value and other innovative social engagement models are creating for the public and private sectors in the developed and developing worlds.

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