Can policymakers be trusted with our wellbeing?

The what

Good policy finds truth in the world and leads to lasting and repeatable action and outcomes. But can we trust our wellbeing with those who have been empowered to make policy? In this panel discussion, we will explore how design might be used to create more effective and appropriate policy responses, while creating a tighter feedback loop between the implementation and its effects on the ground. As design in policy gains traction as an emerging field, what are the opportunities, risks, and challenges in integrating this new approach?

This session will feature perspectives from industry-leading policymakers, designers, and community members.

The why

We believe policymakers, NGOs and citizens must come together to research, fund, implement & evaluate policies that create an equitable and inclusive future.

Governments worldwide are increasingly facing the same challenge – creating meaningful connections with their citizens.

  • Policy making processes are increasingly insular, and lack critical input from the communities the policies are being designed for. Design methods can help governments base decisions not just on research, but also on the lived experience of its citizens.
  • There is also an increasing awareness within government that policy creation is as much about asking the right questions as it is about having the right answers. Innovation is sought as an answer to these questions, but what does this mean for us?

For whom

This event is for anyone interested in how design changes the way we interact with each other, its effects on our culture as a whole, and are open to challenging the current approach and frame of reference that shapes policy making today.