Information Session: Master of Science in Public Policy and Management

Technology is driving political, economic and social transformation especially in the public sector. Advances in data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and internet of things are revolutionizing how government services are resourced and delivered. Are you ready for the digitization of government?

Our Master of Science in Public Policy and Management with a focus on digital transformation and analytics will strengthen your policy, regulatory and management skills while you build proficiency in data mining, policy analytics, digital transformation and predictive analytics. The digital courses will be augmented by our traditional core courses in micro- and macro-economics, policy analysis, public finance, statistical methods and cost-benefit analysis as well as several management subjects.

The degree will not make you a software engineer or big data business analyst. However, it will give you a sound understanding of what people working in these areas do, including the opportunities and limitations of these techniques for public policy and delivery of government services.

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