Communicating to get the Right Outcomes

A day to discover, learn about and master the art of meaningful communication strategies.

Great communication won’t make a poor policy good, but poor communication can guarantee that policy doesn’t deliver. Add to that, the third decade of the 21st century is bringing a perfect storm of issues that will make it harder than ever to get people’s attention and affect the behaviour change needed to get the desired outcomes.

The Mandarin in partnership with the WPP Government and Public Sector Practice presents a conference that includes the latest research findings about what Australians are thinking but not necessarily disclosing. Come and learn as some of the leading thinkers in public sector communication talk about the trends, insights and tools that will help your message cut through, both inside government and outside with the public.

Presenter and program information coming soon.

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Ticket Cost: From $695


Old Parlimaent House, Canberra