Community & Stakeholder Engagement for Government 2020

In an age of instant communication, the need for public sector agencies to effectively communicate with the wide community cannot be understated. Local communities, small business, the corporate sector, NGOs and various levels of government often all need to be engaged simultaneously to facilitate meaningful service delivery.

Community and Stakeholder Engagement for Government is an interactive course addressing key engagement sticking points for Government. Multi-faceted engagement tasks are challenging, requiring a balance between decisiveness and accommodating multiple points of view. This course will teach participants to incorporate effective community and stakeholder engagement strategies in these situations.

• Understand the fundamental principles of effective stakeholder engagement Identify and manage the risks involved in stakeholder engagement
• Practically identify key stakeholders and analyse their needs and interests
• Utilise effective techniques for engaging with stakeholders
• Practice effective facilitation and conflict management
• Allocate resources according to project and organisational imperatives
• Apply stakeholder management techniques through case studies and examples

Martin Bass has over 20 years’ experience in stakeholder engagement, both in his capacities as a local government manager and independent consultant. Martin has developed broad skills and experience in planning, managing and rolling out innovative and effective stakeholder engagement programs. He has a sound understanding of the theoretical and practical elements of stakeholder engagement – particularly within the public sector.

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