Complimentary qualification: Hogan 360 Qualification

Hogan 360 qualification webinar.

Leadership plays a critical role in the success or failure of any business. Effective leaders inspire increased employee engagement, which has been proven to boost the overall success of an organisation. The Hogan 360 is a comprehensive multi rater feedback tool, designed to help leaders at any level get comprehensive feedback and pinpoint areas for improvement.

The Hogan 360 measures reputation by comparing self-assigned ratings against those from peers, managers, and direct reports

When understanding your leaders, it’s important to compare them against a relevant external benchmark. The Hogan 360 is able to compare your leaders against other public sector leaders and also provide insight into people at different leadership levels. The comprehensive feedback in the Hogan 360 creates the opportunity for strategic self-awareness and professional growth, and highlights strengths and opportunities for development.

The Hogan 360 can be customised, so please contact us for more information on available options.

The Hogan 360 qualification enables access to the following resources:

  • Technical Manual and Administrative Guide
  • Development Activities Guide
  • Feedback Guide
  • Interpretative Guide
  • White papers and research
  • Ongoing Consultant support
  • Complimentary trial of the Hogan 360, on submission of application of learning.

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