Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership Public Sector Colloquia

Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership offers public sector leaders a leadership program unlike any other.


Called the Colloquium, it equips leaders with the capacity to use their existing skills more wisely across all areas of operation.   Make more considered and more conscious judgements by drawing on the core arguments of two and a half millennia of philosophy.


A professional and personal development investment, the benefits of the Colloquium include enhanced strategic thinking, a more critical and informed approach to decision-making, improved relationships with stakeholders, staff, and colleagues, and a better understanding of their department’s role in society.


Over the 6 days of the program you will:

  • consider the values and principle underpinning Australia’s liberal democracy and their practical application in a professional context.
  • Investigate in principle and practice, what it means to be moral agent – that is someone who bears full responsibility for the consequences of their action or inaction
  • Examine the tensions and trade-offs between notions of community, prosperity, liberty, equality and sustainability in decision-making
  • Enhance your capability to critically engage with your challenges and exercise informed and effective judgment.


Dates for our various programmes:

CCEL Programme Levels Dates Federal Government Level Victorian State Equivalent NSW State Equivalent
FPSL Intermedia 6-11 Oct 2019/ 24–29th May / 11–16th October EL1 Level 4/5 Level 8/9
FPSL Advanced 26 April –1st May  /26–31st July EL2 Level 6/7 Level 10/11
APS 1–6th March / 9–14th August SES1 & SES2 EO2 & EO3 EO1 & EO2
Exec Coll 22–27th March / 10–15th May / 12–17th July / 30th August – 4th September /13–18th September / 25–30th October SES3, Deputy Secretary, Secretary, Heads of Agencies EO1, Deputy Secretary, Secretary, Heads of Agencies EO3, Deputy Secretary, Secretary, Heads of Agencies


Registrations for the final 2019 program and all 2020 programs are open now. Register online contact our Client Relations Director Caroline Gibson 03 9827 2660.


Tickets details

Ticket Cost: From $7,579 - enquire for NFP Rates

Caroline Gibson

03 9827 2660