Data Science Training for Public Managers

Data Science can address key public sector problems: a short course for policy and operational program senior leaders.

Three international experts in the use of data science for public good will train participants on how to use data science to formulate projects from problem identification, feasibility analysis and methodology (such as goals, type of data and analysis) to ethical data management of data science projects (including privacy, transparency, social license and consent).

Why use data science in the public sector?

  • Data science tools can support complex decisions especially where professionals might struggle to weight multiple factors under time and resource pressure.
  • Data science allows high-quality information about cross-sector service interactions to inform our understanding of risk and protective factors.
  • Data science methods may out-perform existing approaches to targeting services because they are bespoke for a population, and can draw on a wide range of cross-sector information.

Tickets details

Ticket Cost: $1,200 incGST per person

Xenia Aitken-Smith

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