Dealing with Opposition and Outrage

As communities have lost trust in the government, business and media, working with the public can become gridlocked by opposition. This dealing with opposition & outrage course will assist you in developing your community engagement and restoring trust. This community engagement course was developed by the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2)with the input of Dr Peter Sandman an international expert in Outrage Management.

This course is suitable for any professional dealing with the tough issues that face our community and anyone in communities facing complex challenges –including engagement professionals, decision makers, place makers, consultants and elected officials.

In this two day course, participants will cover the following elements:

  • Six practical strategies for managing outrage
  • New behaviours you can immediately apply in your own practice and in your own organisation
  • A new, more productive approach to thinking about and analysing outrage
  • New ways to plan and implement public participation in situations where people are, or may become emotional or outraged


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