Delivering Better Outcomes for Lower Costs: Leading public sector innovation

This workshop is designed to help senior public servants think and act innovatively about challenges within their department or agency. It will assist participants to devise and implement solutions to deep and pressing problems through developing strategies and equipping them with the relevant tools, to foster innovation in their agencies and organisations and in the sectors and systems for which they are responsible.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have formulated outline action plans, both for themselves as individuals and for their organisations and have the confidence to further develop and implement the plans. These plans will be focused on:

  • encouraging and supporting innovation to address specific challenges or issues
  • creating the conditions within their organisation to stimulate and develop innovative processes (including policy-making), products or services
  • developing the environment and dynamics to motivate innovation and its diffusion across a sector or system.

Join Professor David Albury from the Innovation Unit, UK and learn how to achieve better outcomes in policy implementation and service delivery.