Diversity through the Looking Glass

Out for Australia invites you to Diversity Through the Looking Glass.

The event provides an insight into what it means to identify yourself out of the cisgender normativity.

The panel of guest speakers will discuss and share their experience to shed light on self discovery, the shifts of privileges they have experienced at the workplace and in daily life.

The aim of the event is not only to help everybody to embrace their own authenticity, but also open the world to the life of those who live outside of the boxes, refuse to conform. In another word, what it means to be truly human.
Guest Speakers:

Michelle Sheppard: a public figure in the trans and women movement. Her transformation has allowed her to understand the values of both masculinity and femininity. GLOBE 2016 awards winner, entrepreneur and mother.

Andy Chiang: Hardship only strengthens the values Andy holds close to his heart.
Running a successful property firm, his own diversity enables his creativity to blossom. Along with innovative ideas, he is a promising sign of change and hope.

Emma Halliday: an inspiring story of a teenager. Her involvement with minus18 allows Emma to convey the messages of diversity embracing both the younger crowd and the fundamentalists.

Didy Zhang: Having fled home to protect her own life, to then struggling on the land of strangers, Didy persists and remains her true self despite the gripes conservatives put on femininity.

Ria Bleatheman: Experienced the truth a transwoman faced in the corporate environment, Ria started her consulting firm a decade ago and going stronger each day. She is one of the pioneers to transcend the message of inclusivity in workplaces.


Out for Australia is an organisation that seeks to support and mentor aspiring LGBTIQ professionals as they navigate their way through the early stages of their career. We aim to bring the community together, to offer a supportive and nurturing environment for which people can network, build relationships and assist each other in their professional journeys.

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