Ethics of Digital Transformation

Big data, privacy breaches, artificial intelligence, social license… the world of digital transformation can feel like a minefield. This one-day Executive Education course taught by ThinkPlace’s Global Chief Digital Officer, Darren Menachemson will help you navigate it successfully.

You will learn

  • Important ethical concepts and paradigms for government and how to apply them
  • Ethical danger-zones in a digitally transformed world, including interactive case studies of where ethical blind-spots have resulted in governance failures
  • Social license: what it is, and its implications for how you design programs, services and regulation
  • Algorithms, artificial intelligence, and how to navigating challenges like unintended bias and right to explanation, to deliver public good
  • Big data, little data, privacy, and the ‘ethics of knowing’
  • Dark strategies: the trust gap, how bad actors and bad design have widened it, and what it means for government
  • Case studies and compelling stories of how other OECD countries are tackling these challenges right now
  • Regulating the internet of things in bodies, cities and beyond
  • A framework for assessing the ethics of digital transformation initiatives (including a hands-on intensive where you get to use it on a realistic challenge)

You are:

  • Senior executive or manager in a government organisation
  • Senior executive or manager in a Transnational Governance Organisation (e.g. UN, OECD)


1 day plus 1.5 hours pre-reading and a post-course assignment

Note: This course includes a post-course assignment, which will be assessed, with feedback being provided to the participant.


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