Evaluation Course Online: Getting Started

Evaluation is a valuable tool for strengthening the quality of programs, improving outcomes and providing opportunities for critical and strategic thinking. IPPG’s Evaluation Course Online: Getting Started introduces the basics to evaluation programs or initiatives, and throughout the course you will apply evaluative practice and thinking methods to analyse assumptions that underpin program outcomes. You will also participate in five online modules facilitated by our presenters through an interactive live video link, with each module 60 minutes in duration (5 hours in total).

This course is ideal for professionals seeking a general understanding of evaluation and is suited to those who conduct evaluation, manage or commission evaluations, such as Evaluation officers, Research officers or Policy officers.

This introductory course is also the basis for other evaluation courses as part of an online series. Participants are encouraged to enrol and this course is not a prerequisite for future courses in the evaluation series which include:

  1. Evaluation Course Online: Design Options
  2. Evaluation Course Online: Data sources and Methods
  3. Evaluation Course Online: Organising and Analysing Data
  4. Evaluation Course Online: Reporting for Impact


Online - virtual training event