Evidence Review Online Course

This evidence review course online provides the skills needed to find and pull together research evidence. Learn about public policy, decision making skills and how to focus on the research questions you want answered. By using your past research, you will develop a range of tools to identify evidence, articulate clear research questions, implement strategies, apply principles of research quality, and understand options for synthesising and presenting evidence review.

This evidence review course will be delivered through an interactive live video link where you will engage with the presenter and other participants. You will be able to bring your ‘live’ research questions to this online course and work through it during the delivery. This online course will cover the following sequence of topics:

  • Framing and focussing your research question.
  • Finding relevant evidence using online databases and other tools.
  • Documenting your search strategy.
  • Organising what you have found.
  • Judging the quality of evidence using evidence hierarchies and evidence assessment tools.
  • Synthesising evidence and presenting it for effective decision-making.


Online Course