Executive Master of Public Administration

ANZSOG’s Executive Master of Public Administration (EMPA) degree is two year part time Postgraduate degree. The EMPA produces graduates who are confident, critical thinkers with the skills required to manage complex challenges and deliver value to the communities they serve. Build the leadership capabilities you need to contribute at the highest levels in the contemporary public service.

The EMPA degree is designed to meet the needs of future public sector leaders operating at the state, territory or national level in the Australian or New Zealand public service. The degree best serves those already exhibiting high potential as leaders.

Participants should already have shown their ability to perform consistently at above-average levels, and to have effective management capability. Those who exhibit a collaborative mindset and who hold a strong commitment to a career in or around the public sector thrive in this degree.

ANZSOG’s EMPA is an exclusive qualification designed specifically future public sector leaders. EMPA alumni are now among some of the most talented and influential people now working in the public sector in Australia and New Zealand. EMPA participants are surrounded by ambitious like-minded public servants from a range of jurisdictions, who have a strong desire to build their leadership capabilities.

You will explore current public management, public policy, public finance, economics, public law, and leadership with contributions from senior practitioners currently holding high-level roles in and around the public service. You will be encouraged to work with your peers on topical team challenges and obtain new knowledge and skills that will help you build your career as a public sector leader. You will also be able to apply much of what you learn immediately in your current professional context.

The EMPA will shape you to be the leader you want to be – confident, proud of who you are, and adept at bringing out the best in those around you.

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