Facilitation Skills Masterclass

For Leaders, People Managers, Project & Program Managers in the VPS, Local Government & Higher Education.

Are you increasingly required to navigate more complex community and organisation landscapes with increasing demands for more – more productivity; more efficiency; more success?

Are you noticing that your teams, groups, stakeholders and communities have increasing expectations for more participation in decisions and directions for programs and policies that affect them?

Are you in positions where you are required to influence outcomes and provide direction without line authority?

You can easily achieve all this and more using effective facilitation techniques.

This one-day Masterclass will equip you with skills and tools to help a group to chart pathways through complex decision making and problem solving by:

  • Encouraging generous knowledge sharing, ideas generation and best practice suggestions for real outcomes.
  • Driving more focused team and stakeholder planning and problem solving meetings.
  • Enabling people to fully participate in forums and group discussions.
  • Collectively defining the scope of projects and important program initiatives for greater engagement.
  • Clarifying outcomes, roles and responsibilities for delivery.

Margaret Devlin will run this interactive full day workshop, ensuring your learning experience is practical and applicable.

Margaret is our most experienced facilitator. She is known for her success in facilitating groups at all levels in organisations. She has a practical and engaging style ensuring immediate application of your new identity and toolkit with the confidence to make a difference and be an Effective Facilitator.


Here’s what others say:

“Margaret’s program, combined with her positive teaching style and constructive feedback, gave me the skills and confidence to formalise my facilitation practice and make it part of my role. I’m now proud to include ‘trained facilitator’ as one of my capabilities.”

Tickets details

Ticket Cost: $688.31


03 9645 4466