Free breakfast seminar: Rethinking mission critical systems

Critical infrastructure delivers and underpins services that are essential for everyday life such as transport, energy, communications and public safety.

The rapid emergence of big computing, software driven networks, high bandwidth mobile connectivity, and the internet of things – all empowered by artificial intelligence and advanced analytics – have combined to create a once-in-a-generation opportunity to strategically redesign the mission critical systems that protect and operate Australia’s infrastructure.

To date, providers or safety, emergency services and critical transport and utility infrastructure have relied on incremental technology upgrades. But the rapid emergence of all-digital communication and business systems presents policy thinkers a powerful chance to rethink the service requirements, network attributes, and command and control systems needed to meet organisational, end-user and responder requirements over the next decade.

This opportunity comes as federal and state government public safety and security agencies look to rapidly build up infrastructure resilience in the face of growing cyber and terrorist threats. This includes the centralisation of public safety policy and functions around the Home Affairs portfolio and the establishment of senior cyber security leads across most jurisdictions.

The push towards a pan-Australian approach for public safety is expected to drive much greater interoperability, and the need for a standards based approach, built around common platforms and shared data.

At the same time the explosion in remote devices and autonomous vehicles and aircraft, is challenging authorities to consider how best to secure the systems and data that support these assets.

This comes as legacy communication systems are evolving and becoming software driven, offering a real opportunity to tightly link business and communication systems, opening a whole new world of services and applications to ensure the performance of mission critical infrastructure.

Event details

  • Location: The Kurrajong Room, Hotel Kurrajong
  • Date: Thursday 29 November
  • Time 8.30 – 10.00am
  • A light breakfast will be served during the seminar

Please note that this seminar is for public sector executives and managers only. If you are unable to attend and believe a senior agency colleague could benefit, please send your request through to Nicklas Wikblad at:

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The Kurrajong Room, Hotel Kurrajong