Free seminar: Better decisions, better government

Join our expert panel as we consider new leadership strategies using AI and advanced analytics to streamline and optimise decision making, freeing executives to focus on key challenges.

Public sector leaders and executive groups are exploring new decision making techniques and tools, to help them triage decision making and leverage the flood of the information and data they are now dealing with.

The sheer volume of data and information is challenging executives to reconsider basic decision making approaches, with tools available to streamline or automate high frequency, low risk decisions.

These new approaches enable managers to employ advanced analytics and AI for some decisions in order to focus their expertise on higher risk decisions, using technology to optimise decision making across agencies and departments. In particular artificial intelligence is helping to identify the leading indicators that will signify when a policy or project is going off track – and allow for pre-emptive intervention.

Leaders can use these new approaches to strategically prioritise their decision making and to make sense of this wealth of information and to draw actionable insights to support their decision making. These approaches improve the quality of decision making and also reduce the cost of services by automating currently manual bureaucratic processes.

This is especially so in fast moving service and operational environments, such as human services, public safety and security agencies, where leaders are being pressed to find a better way to deal with the high volume of decisions.

At the same time Departments are being pushed to report and manage outcomes and are looking for easy to understand, reliable reports, focussed on key agency performance metrics and the allocation of precious resources.

For federal government this is being driven by the rollout of the governance, performance and accountability regime to support the PGPA Act. This regime highlights the need for agencies to develop and manage real time performance and outcome metrics.

Join our panel of public sector leaders as we consider how agencies can fundamentally change their approach to executive management, employing data to understand the risk profile of decisions, driving better decision making and better government.

The panel will discuss the challenge of managing resources in a complex world and will focus on how agencies can rapidly build capability around evidence based decision making across their executives and executive groups, using modern tools and solutions to optimise decision making and to draw out insights and drive actions.

This seminar is brought to you by SAS.


  • Gordon de Brouwer, Former Secretary at Department of Energy and Environment, and panelist of the Prime Minister’s 2018-19 Review of the Australian Public Service
  • Marek Rucinski, Deputy Commissioner Smarter Data, Australian Taxation Office
  • Patricia Kelly, Former Director General, IP Australia
  • Ray Greenwood, Domain Lead, SAS


  • Tuesday 13 November
  • 8.30 am – 10.00 am (registration opens at 8.00 am)
  • Courtyard North, Hotel Realm, 18 National Circuit, Canberra
  • Light breakfast included

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