Future of Governance: Big Data, Participation and Effective Regulation Executive Workshop

The Future of Governance: Big Data, Participation and Effective Regulation Executive Workshop is designed to bring fresh perspectives in thinking about the application of predictive analytics to the practice of regulation.

Decision-making driven by big data and data analytics is presenting particular challenges for regulators in areas as diverse as child protection, traffic management and infrastructure optimization. These techniques are already having a profound impact on the use of discretion and creativity by regulators as well as on the design of regulations.

Attendees will develop an understanding of these issues from leading practitioners and commentators. Importantly, they will participate in a half-day hands-on guided session using techniques of data mining and applying predictive algorithms.

Key issues to be addressed:

  • The potential of predictive analytics for regulators;
  • Building trust and legitimacy in the new environment;
  • Explainability as a substitute for transparency;
  • Involving citizens in the opaque world of big data and predictive analytics; and,
  • Emerging regulatory frameworks for the use of predictive analytics in the public sector.

Hear from an experienced line up of leaders and experts including:

  • Ken Baxter, Chairman, TFG International Pty Ltd, Commissioner, Productivity Commission
  • Emil Bolongaita, Head and Distinguished Service Professor of Public Policy and Management, Carnegie Mellon University Australia
  • Anna Cronin, Commissioner for Better Regulation and Red Tape Commissioner, Government of Victoria
  • Meg Haseldine, Executive Director Data and Analytics Strategy, Australian Taxation Office
  • Julie Holmes, Commissioner of State Taxation, Government of South Australia
  • Tim O’Loughlin, Professor of the Practice (Public Policy), Carnegie Mellon University Australia
  • Wayne Poels, former Executive Director, Office of Best Practice Regulation Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • Murli Viswanathan, Associate Teaching Professor, Carnegie Mellon University Australia and Senior Member of the Australian Computer Society and Accenture Subject Matter Expert for Analytics


Carnegie Mellon University