Future public sector leaders’ series

ANZSOG’s Future public sector leaders’ series will inspire and educate the public sector leaders of the future, providing hard-working, passionate public sector leaders with an opportunity for self-reflection and professional growth in short, ‘choose-your-own adventure’ sessions designed to minimise the impact on work/life commitments.

Public sector leaders have always needed to think creatively to solve complex problems and deliver public value to their communities. Now, as governments work through the many impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, it is even more important for you as an emerging public sector leader to have the knowledge, creativity and confidence required to provide informed and timely advice, and lead others through change. To do this, you need to understand the broader context of the environment you are working in and be prepared to think strategically about the future.

ANZSOG has purpose-built the Future public sector leaders’ series to create an inspiring online experience that will help you strengthen your capacity to tackle problems in an increasingly complex and ambiguous environment.

ANZSOG has assembled a group of leading domestic and international thinkers on public management and leadership, including faculty from ANZSOG’s Executive Master of Public Administration and other leading ANZSOG programs, to provide you with the inspiration and practical tools to succeed through these volatile and uncertain times.

You will have the chance to learn from current and former CEOs and senior public administrators, premiers, politicians and academics, who will help you become the leader you want to be – talented, creative and prepared to innovate.

Short and engaging online masterclasses, designed to fit around your busy workday, will provide a forum to discuss the future challenges of the public service and how they affect your role, your agency and the communities you serve.

Topics include:

  • leading through disruption
  • digital transformation
  • policy implementation
  • authentic and adaptive leadership
  • political astuteness
  • government innovation
  • systems thinking
  • evidence-based policy design
  • and more.

The Future public sector leaders’ series will help you reimagine your role in the public sector, legitimising your position as an inspiring, innovative public servant prepared for the challenges of today with an eye on the problems of tomorrow.

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