Government CRO 2018 Summit

The Government CRO 2018 Summit will bring together CROs and high-level risk managers from the public sector to discuss best practice approaches to strategic risk management for government organisations.

Attend to hear case studies from national and international government CROs and practical approaches to improve your organisations risk management and stay on top of emerging national and global trends in government risk management.

Regardless of where you are in your risk management journey, this event will equip you with the knowledge and skills to improve organisational risk outcomes.

By attending, you will learn how to:

  • Build on your approach to strategic risk management
  • Understand organisational risks
  • Learn how to overcome unrealised risk
  • Build a culture of risk in your organisation
  • Understand how to deal with risk in a politically uncertain environment
  • Meet your compliance and governance obligations
  • Manage organisational cyber and data risk

We’ve brought together leading speakers from across a multitude of departments, including:

  • Marianne Roth, Chief Risk Officer, Consumer Protection Bureau (USA)
  • Marany Flack, Senior Risk Advisor, New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (NZ)
  • Michael O’Neill, Chief Risk Officer, Australian Taxation Office
  • Samantha Montenegro, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Australian Office of Financial Management
  • Kevin Masling, Chief Risk Officer, NSW Treasury Corporation

Is this conference right for you? We’ve designed the Government Chief Risk Officer Summit so that all levels of public sector employees will benefit from attending, but these are the majority of the attendees you’ll meet on the day:

  • Chief Risk Officers
  • Heads of Risk
  • Heads of Governance
  • Heads of Internal Audit
  • Director of Risk, Governance, Assurance and Compliance

We hope you can join us at the Government Chief Risk Officer Summit 2018 – Discussing best practice approaches to strategic risk management in government.


Mercure, Canberra