Home Stretch Symposium

Informing Australian policy development, program implementation and evaluation to extend care to 21.

It is unquestionably time for Australian governments to address the costly social and economic consequences of terminating care at 18 years. Every year an estimated 3,000 young people leave state care across Australia. Many of these young people experience poor life outcomes: 50% will end up either homeless, in jail or a new parent within the first 12 months of leaving state care. The Home Stretch Symposium will bring together policy developers, stakeholders and implementers to explore and discuss the challenges and complexities associated with introducing the policy of extending care to 21 years. These discussions will be informed by international and national experts in this policy area.

Who should attend:

  • Australian Federal, State and Territory Government representatives with responsibility for Out of Home Care
  • Peak Bodies for Child and Family Welfare
  • Out of Home Care Service Providers
  • Academics with an interest in Out of Home Care

What you’ll learn:

  • What extending care to 21 means for young people and carers
  • The different models being used internationally and nationally
  • The challenges, enablers and experience of implementation
  • Policy progress in extending care by governments in Australia

Tickets details

Ticket Cost: From $450


Irina Stojcevska

03 9412 6193




InterContinental Sydney