How To Accelerate CX Transformation In Government

People are anxious and uncertain about the future, and it is important for organisations, especially government agencies, to ensure that interactions with customers are efficient and empathetic. Forrester believes high-quality customer experience (CX) drives mission success  . When government CX improves, customers engage, trust, and forgive; government operations run more smoothly and cost less; and people’s faith and trust in the country rises.

Join this complimentary live webinar where Forrester’s CX experts will explore the challenges government organisations face on their journey to delivering excellent CX, best practices and a three-step approach for government CX professionals to jump-start their customer-centric culture transformation.

Join us to hear how:

  • COVID-19 has placed significant pressure on government organisations to step up their CX efforts.
  • Too many government agencies participate in check-box projects, resulting in mass amounts of data that remain unused and agencies left in the dark on who their customers really are.
  • For true and long-lasting change, you need to capture the hearts and minds of your employees, as this is directly correlated to improved CX. You cannot tie your strategy or vision to one person or a team.


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