Humanify HR Consulting – HR Leadership in Practice (HRLP)

The HR Leadership in Practice (HRLP) will equip participants with the capability to lead Human Resources in complex, challenging and uncertain environments that will define the future of work.

The HRLP will provide participants with the skills to excel in their current HR roles and take on more complex and challenging HR leadership roles in the future. The HRLP is a contemporary and fit-for-purpose program that has been designed with a deep recognition of the changes to the world of work and the significant impact those changes have had on the HR profession.

At the end of the program, participants will:

  • Be able to confidently define who they are as HR leaders and set a plan to have maximum impact in their organisation and future HR careers.
  • Build HR capability and improve the performance of their teams through understanding what “good HR” leadership looks like in practice.
  • Learn from other HR experts and leaders.
  • Become enterprise-wide HR leaders with the skills to implement contemporary HR practice and drive cultural change in uncertain and challenging workplace environments.
  • Develop a deep understanding of the future of work and impacts for HR leadership in practice.
  • Learn how to take a more deliberate and structured approach to building HR leadership capability in themselves and others.
  • Establish a network of peers to learn, support and encourage each other in their future HR careers and development as HR leaders.


Register now for Tuesday 21 June & Wednesday 22 June 2022 or Tuesday 15 November & Wednesday 16 November 2022.


Tickets details

Ticket Cost: $1999 + GST

Elise Searson Prakaash