Innovation Reset 2020: Trust | Empathy | Competence – How the new public work is the new work of government, the public service and many others too.

Innovation Reset 2020… Now in 2021!

It’s time to think again about public sector innovation and the way we tackle the big challenges facing us today, not just in the extraordinary conditions we confront as a result of COVID-19 but also as we respond to the conditions we will face as we move beyond the epidemic itself.

Innovation in government, policy reform and new approaches to service design and delivery have never been more vital to the work of government and the public sector.

But sometimes, it can feel like a giant jigsaw – there are many pieces to the puzzle but how do they fit together?

We know we are doing some things well, but COVID and a summer of fires and floods reinforce where and how we need to do better.

And we need to act fast, as the agenda of big risks and opportunities in a very different and rapidly changing world becomes more crowded, connected and complex.

It’s time to reset.

That’s our purpose for BiiG.

Taking place from 16th to 17th February 2021, the BiiG conference will explore different patterns and possibilities for governments, business, universities and research, the start-up and innovation sectors and the community, to create public value and better impact in and for people’s lives.

This is public work that more than ever blends the skills, resources and expertise of big institutions, public and private, of community networks of connection, solidarity and service and the wisdom and experience of ordinary life.

Stellar line-up

Facilitated by Madonna King and Martin Stewart-Weeks, this special public sector event offers a significant opportunity to engage with a stellar line-up of international and Australian thought leaders, including:

  • Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell, Director of the 3A Institute (3Ai), Florence Violet McKenzie Chair ANU and Vice President and Senior Fellow at Intel Corporation.
  • Professor Ian O. Williamson, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Commerce at Wellington School of Business and Government (Faculty of Commerce), Victoria University of Wellington.
  • Christian Bason, CEO of the Danish Design Centre
  • Geoff Mulgan, Professor of Collective Intelligence, Public Policy and Social Innovation at University College London
  • Dr Sarah Pearson, Deputy Director-General Innovation, Department of State Development, Tourism and Innovation
  • Carolyn Curtis, Chief Executive Officer, The Australian Centre for Social Innovation
  • Professor Glyn Davis, Chief Executive Officer, Paul Ramsay Foundation
  • Professor Carolyn Evans, Vice-Chancellor, Griffith University
  • Ian Stewart AO, President of IPAA Queensland

Griffith University returns as Major Sponsor of the event.

QUT and IPAA Queensland are confirmed to sponsor breakout stages.

Event format

Given the length of time it takes to design an event of this scale, planning is continuing for the live (in-person) event to take place in February.

However, there is a solid contingency plan in place so you can make a risk-free commitment to buy tickets.

This year BiiG will be a hybrid event, where, in addition to the live (in-person) event at the BCEC, the event will be live video streamed to regional Queensland and across Australia.

As well as expanding the potential for broader audiences, the hybrid model provides a back up enabling the organisers to comply with the Chief Health Officer Public Health Direction should there continue to be restrictions that may impact in-person business events.

Tickets On sale now!

Super Early Bird tickets for the live event are available until end September with a two day fully inclusive ticket starting from $650 (+ GST) per person.

Virtual Passes for those who cannot travel to Brisbane are also available.

Visit for more information and to register online.

The BiiG Network is the Queensland Government’s internal innovation capability network hosted by Queensland Treasury.


Event contact

Rebecca Hannan

Manager BiiG

National Conference Manager

0407 817 690

[email protected]

Tickets details

Ticket Cost: Virtual tickets start from $175 exGST | Live (in-person) event tickets start from $650 exGST


Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre