InterAct Melbourne briefing with Service NSW

Under the covers with Australia’s largest Digital CX Transformation project

Referred to as the ‘architect’ of Service NSW. As Deputy CEO Steve Griffin, managed the largest transformation project of its time. While Service NSW has become a digital exemplar to governments around the world, its success did not come from utilising new and emerging technologies – rather enhancing the human interactive experience.

In his presentation (and published in the post event e-book) Steve discusses what inspired the NSW Government to undertake the journey to digital government and the catalyst to initiate those changes?

  • When did the journey start?
  • What were the initial steps of that journey?
  • Who were the various stakeholders that needed to be included?
  • What changes was the NSW government looking to make? Why?
  • What area did those changes affect (strategy, people and culture, technology, and system)?
  • How were those changes made? What were the milestones? What challenges needed to be overcome?
  • What were the immediate and ongoing results and benefits internally and externally?
  • What customer experience means in a government context? What do citizens and constituents expect when dealing with government?
  • How has Service NSW met and exceeded those expectations?

The speaker: Steve Griffin

With 30+ years’ experience working within government Steve has completed a tenure as Commissioner of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC).

Utilising customer-based design methodology to redesign the Commission’s business processes, the QBCC won the National Excellence in Government Customer Service Award in 2015 and in 2016 the national IQPC Award for Innovation in Government.

Prior to this role as Project Director at NSW Premier & Cabinet Steve carried out ‘voice of the customer’ research and developed the business case for the establishment of Service NSW. As Deputy CEO of Service NSW Steve implemented the initial proof of concept service delivery model which included 29 new service centers, a 24/7 telephone service and customer-friendly website.

Steve’s other roles within Government include Deputy Commissioner, NSW Fair Trading, Director of the Office of the Inspector-General of Corrective Services, which included a term as Inspector-General.

Now as Managing Director of Transformation Today, Australia, Steve is an acknowledged leader in service transformation continuing his work with numerous Australian government agencies to deliver customer-led transformations.

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