Law and new technologies: International conference on big data and security

You are invited to meet face to face with global specialists sharing their insights on the implications of new data technologies for national security and law enforcement in Australia as they consider the appropriate policy and legal responses to the benefits and risk their application hold.

The Law and New Technologies Conference will be held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from 29 April to 1 May 1 2019 and will  bring together an exceptional group of national and international leaders from various disciplines to facilitate multi-disciplinary discussion between lawyers, practitioners, regulators, government, data scientists and researchers.

In this fast paced world, it is imperative our laws and governance are responsive to the benefits and risks new data technology bring. The Conference program has been designed to address this and other issues including:

  • Applications of new data technologies for national security and law enforcement agencies
  • Privacy & data protection
  • Reforming institution, practices and law
  • Governance – having oversight through technology
  • Privacy and cybersecurity technologies in the age of unbridled data collection
  • National security, law enforcement and black box algorithms
  • Regulation of the web of data: addressing security concerns
  • Normative multi-agency systems: AI and the law
  • Drones, robotics  & the law

The 3 day forum provides the opportunity for you to make connections with colleagues from across the globe and collaborate, share ideas, be challenged, learn and be engaged. Single day registration is also available.

Registration is now open. To view the outstanding national and international presenters, program and registration details visit

Tickets details

Ticket Cost: $990 FULL CONFERENCE/$400 PER DAY

Kate Smith

03 9645 6311


Melbourne convention and exhibition centre