IPAA Young Professionals Network: owning your own home — a dying dream?

IPAA Victoria’s Young Professionals Network and the Melbourne School of Government present…

In Australia and elsewhere, wages are not keeping up with house prices in the big cities. Many are now facing the prospect of being stuck in the ‘rent trap’ for their entire life. Are there special moral reasons to protect the ambition of buying a home? Or is ownership like any other luxury – one that we must either pay for or go without? If something is to be done, what should it be? Creation of new homes? Or a change in the rules to promote owner-occupiers over absentee landlords? What about Australia’s decades-old practice of zero inheritance tax? And how worried should we be about massive mortgages and private debt? The spike in house prices may be new, but the theoretical frameworks for approaching it are centuries old, and may still have some answers.

  • Dr Dan Halliday, Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Janine O’Flynn, Professor of Public Management, Melbourne School of Government
  • Gavyn Tellis, Associate Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

This seminar is complimentary for IPAA members.

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