Konnect Learning Policy Writing Workshop

Policy writing can be tedious. And we all habitually procrastinate over monotonous tasks. But no problem was ever solved with procrastination.

Policy Writing Fundamentals will give you the confidence in preparation, writing and presentation of policy documentation to overcome procrastination and produce effective policy documentation.

This course will challenge you to think clearly about the form and function of policy documents. You will enhance your ability to clearly communicate complex policy issues and enhance skills in developing and finessing strategic communications.

Key Benefits of Attending:

• Effectively prepare, write and present policy documentation
• Use plain English to convey key thoughts
• Present your findings via multiple communication channels
• Apply critical thinking processes to the development of policy
• Communicate with ease to senior and key decision makers
• Utilise experts and focus groups to deliver meaningful initiatives
• Overcome changing government priorities

Meet your Facilitator:
Jason Alexandra, Managing Director, Alexandra & Associates

As the Managing Director of Alexandra and Associates, Jason has delivered over 90 consulting and research projects including policy reviews, national R&D coordination, program evaluations, and strategic planning. He works to integrate theory and practice, drawing on numerous perspectives and disciplines.

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