Launch of the Future of Work Report

Join Ms Jacqui Curtis, APS HR Professional Stream; Dr Damian West, ATO Workforce Capability & Governance; ACT government, CMTEDD & Dr Sue Williamson to launch the ‘Future of Work’ report & consider new ways of working in the public sector.

The Public Service Research Group is pleased to launch its report on the Future of Work in the public sector. This webinar will include presentations from Ms Jacqui Curtis, Head of APS HR Professional Stream and Chief Operating Officer in the Australian Tax Office, Dr Damian West, Deputy Director-General, Workforce Capability and Governance, Chief Minister’s Directorate (CMTEDD) in the ACT government, and Dr Sue Williamson, from the PSRG. The panel will be chaired by Mr Andrew Mann, Assistant Commissioner, Workforce Strategy, Australian Public Service Commission. The report focuses on established and emerging literature to identify issues that will affect public sector organisations, managers and employees post-pandemic. Emerging literature overwhelmingly argues that the future of work is hybrid, and speakers will consider new forms and ways of working in the public sector.

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