Explore the law and ethics of AI with QUTeX

Join QUTeX with Professor Dan Hunter for this free event as we explore how the law will respond to the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems and the challenges presented by machine learning and big data systems.

AI promises to revolutionise the way our entire society works—and law and ethics are at the heart of how we will make sure that AI is beneficial and not detrimental.

Facial recognition systems, deep fake videos, and automated social media bots are early, worrying examples where the power of the technology has outstripped our ability to regulate it. Fast-approaching technologies like lethal autonomous weapons systems (aka “killer robots”) and fully autonomous vehicles will challenge us even more.

What can you expect?

During this breakfast event, Professor Dan Hunter will explain how AI and machine learning systems operate and examine how we can craft laws and ethical systems to ensure that the worst of our fears about AI never come to pass. He will talk about the development of fair, accountable and transparent AI systems, as well as the extent that machines can solve a range of legal and ethical problems.

As an attendee, you will be equipped with the critical tools needed to understand, anticipate and navigate the unpredictable future, and to become involved in the dialogue around this vital issue.

Your Real World Futures leader, Professor Dan Hunter

Professor Hunter leads the QUT Faculty of Law as Executive Dean and is an international expert in internet law, intellectual property, and cognitive science models of law. Learn more.


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