Leading in Local Government

Succeeding in today’s local government means being able to adapt to changes in environments, legislation, communities and work culture. This requires strong leadership acumen that combines developing your personal leadership ability alongside your professional skills and knowledge. This leadership course will develop the core of your leadership capacity by building your ability to understand behaviours and actions, inspire and motivate others, navigate change and conflict, and communicate effectively. In this leadership course you will gain the confidence and tools to inhabit effective leadership roles and achieve better results for your council and community.

Taught in block mode over five days, participants will cover a range of content including:

  • Leading Self
  • Leading Others
  • Leading Organisations
  • Leading Change
  • Leading Futures

At the completion of this course online you should be able to:

  • Build enhanced capabilities from the leadership domains of self, others, organisations, change and futures.
  • Evaluate capabilities needed to lead in local government and apply to your own councils and contexts.
  • Demonstrate leadership practices including high level communication and relationship skills.
  • Initiate a strategy for personal leadership effectiveness within your current role.

Course dates:

12-14 August 2020 (Block 1) and

17-18 September 2020 (Block 2)

49 hours in total


UTS Campus